TAIT Products

The most progressive, forward thinking and future-ready companies turn to TAIT for solutions that enable efficient, safe, reliable and quality outcomes.

Driven by a diverse client base that demands efficiency, first time right applications and innovative solutions, our product line is engineered to be versatile among our capabilities and implemented in all markets.

Whether it’s a turnkey solution, single-axis control, or an ultra-high-speed winch, our award-winning, off-the-shelf and tailor-made products are reliable, robust and flexible.


Acrobat G6


Maxis SI

Nav: Atlas

Nav: Centauri

Nav: Compass
Nav: ESA


Nav: Polaris


Solo G3


TAIT Nano Winch

TAIT T515 Winch

BT2 200 Winch

BT2 290 Winch

BT2 300 Winch

BT2 390 Winch

BT2 490 Winch

Nav Hoist 1 Ton

Nav Hoist 1/2 Ton 

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